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Psychiatry & Mental Health

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Clinical Services

Groote Schuur Hospital

HIV/Neuropsychiatry service

G22 Neuropsychiatry is a ward for patients with neuropsychiatric disorders associated with HIV. It is staffed by psychiatrists, a psychologist, nursing staff, and a social worker. The service regularly interacts with the Department of Infectious Diseases.

Emergency Psychiatry Ward C23 Groote Schuur Hospital

C23 is a Psychiatric emergency and assessment unit comprising two areas:


  1. To provide a specialised service for patients referred who require urgent psychiatric evaluation and management.
  2. To provide a consultation service for patients referred from the Medical Emergency Unit as well as from other units and wards within Groote Schuur Hospital.
  3. To provide a consultation service for patients referred from Regional hospitals, Community clinics and the network of mental health services as well as general health care practitioners within the drainage area of Groote Schuur Hospital.
  4. To accommodate up to 10 patients requiring assessment and acute short-term management (24-36 hours).
  5. To provide longer-tem care for certain categories of patient where hospitalisation in a tertiary facility is necessary e.g. Complicated neuropsychiatric disorders.
  6. To promote teaching and research


C23 is a referral resource for acute psychiatric problems occurring in all age groups (excluding children). The following disorders are those most frequently referred for urgent assessment and management:

Following diagnostic evaluation in C23, where necessary patients are referred on to appropriate hospital or community resources for further evaluation and/or containment and/or management.

Inpatient Psychotherapeutic Unit, Ward G22, GSH

G22 is a tertiary care, inpatient, psychotherapeutic unit. It specialises in providing comprehensive assessment and treatment of psychiatric and emotional problems which have failed to respond to other interventions. G22 is also involved in training, education and research.

About the Programme

G22 is a 12 bedded unit. The programme is 8 weeks long and patients are admitted every 4 weeks. The unit is closed over weekends. To facilitate re-entry into the community, the final week is run on a day-patient basis. Much of the success of treatment is based on the creation of a therapeutic environment (milieu). Within the ward environment emotional and behavioural problems are re-enacted. These problems can be identified and challenged in a group setting, allowing for reflection and change.

The Programme includes

Eating disorder programme

In addition to the full in-patient programme we offer specific treatment that are effective for patients with eating disorders. For selected patients the programme is extended to 10-12 weeks.

Patient Profile

G22 manages a diverse range a psychological problems which include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, somatoform disorders and problems following traumatic experiences.

The programme is not however suitable for everyone with psychological problems. We do not admit patients who have a history of significant antisocial behaviour or individuals with criminal charged pending against them.

As G22 closes over weekends it may not be possible for patients who are acutely suicidal and need containment. All patients (of their referrers) will need to make arrangement for accommodation over weekends.

The minimum age for eating disorder patient is 13 and for other patient is 17. (NOTE: for the younger age groups, particularly where the individual is still attending school, a referral to an adolescent unit may be appropriate.)

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