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Psychiatry & Mental Health

Areas of study | Courses


Areas of study


The Department participates extensively in the education of undergraduates studying medicine and allied professions, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and nursing. Particular attention is paid during training to issues relevant to the South African context, where the bulk of mental health services must be delivered at a primary care level . A member of the Department, Dr Sean Baumann, is the editor of a widely-used textbook for undergraduate medical students.


Specialist training in psychiatry is offered to medical graduates, leading to an M Med (Psychiatry) degree by course-work and dissertation as well as a Fellowship in Psychiatry of the College of Psychiatrists of South Africa. The Department is also an HPCSA registered site for the training of intern clinical psychologists.

Sub-speciality training - resulting in a Master of Philosophy degree - is offered in:

Post graduate diplomas are offered to registered professionals in:

The department also offers a clinical research fellowship in inpatient psychiatry and psychosis, an MSc Med (Neuroscience) by dissertation with course work as needed) and a PhD in Psychiatry and Mental Health (by dissertation). There are currently post-doctoral fellowships attached to the Brain-Behaviour Initiative.

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