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Faculty Announcements


3nd quarter  

Date                                                      Subject                                                     
7 Aug Faculty Update
3 Aug FHS celebrates Womxn's Month: Wathint'Abafazi Wathint'imbokodo!
31 July  Faculty Update
30 July  Statement regarding the violent actions against community health workers in Bisho on 16th July 2020
24 July  Statement on the Enquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding Professor Bongani Mayosi’s Tenure
24 July  Faculty Update
24 July  FHS COVID-19 newsletter issue no 2
21 July Statement on the Enquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding Professor Bongani Mayosi’s Tenure
21 July FHS Student ChatBot 
17 July FHS Leadership Collaborative - Learning in Leading and Leading in Learning 
17 July Faculty Update
16 July Faculty of Health Sciences Animal Ethics Committee (FHS AEC) Updated Guidance for Animal Research during COVID-19 
11 July Faculty Update
10 July Final Plan for FHS Phased Return for Postgraduate Students
8 July  FHS HREC: Updated guidance for research studies and research sites involving humans during COVID-19 
7 July  Faculty Of Health Sciences: Ad Hominem Promotion of Scientific and Technical Officers 2020
7 July Invitation: Life Science Across the Globe (Sister Institute Seminar Series)
3 July Faculty Update
1 July Invitation to attend a webinar on Communities, Activism and Rights: Just as important as ever

2nd quarter  

Date                                                      Subject                                                     
29 June Invitation to attend Sister Institute Seminar Series (SISS) online
26 June Faculty Update
23 June Message on publication of report on the Enquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding Professor Bongani Mayosi’s Tenure
23 June New Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
17 June FHS Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) COVID-19 related Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
16 June Launch: Transformation Framework of the Faculty of Health Sciences
12 June Call for Faculty COVID- 19 newsletter content
12 June Faculty Update
11 June Invitation: About addiction, Moving towards a context-driven change!
10 June
Invitations: Ad Hominem, Professor Bongani Mayosi Netcare Clinical Scholarship and Higher Education Leadership and Management Programme
5 June FHS Covid-19 newsletter issue no 1
5 June Invitation to a 3rd CIDRI-Africa Annual Scientific Meeting
5 June Faculty Update
1 June Letter to colleagues on the clinical platform
29 May Faculty Update
25 May Invitation to celebrate a virtual Africa Day with the Faculty of Health Sciences
22 May Faculty Update
21 May Invitation to celebrate a virtual Africa Day with the Faculty of Health Sciences 
19 May JOIN WEBINAR: "COVID-19: Critical care experiences in New York”
19 May Faculty of Health Sciences celebrates World Family Doctor Day
5 May Appointment of Deputy Deans
29 Apr Important Events Today: Invitation to HICRA Research Meeting and COVID-19 ECHO Clinic
18 Apr UCT FHS approach to research in the time of COVID-19
8 Apr COVID-19 Research Task Team and FBC Guidelines
3 Apr Deans Desk: Appointment of Director of Faculty Operations


1st quarter  

Date Subject
23 Mar FHS Update: COVID-19
20 Mar FHS Update: COVID-19
19 Mar FHS Update: COVID-19
18 Mar FHS Update: COVID-19
17 Mar Update on COVID-19 for Research Community
16 Mar Faculty Update COVID-19
16 Mar Dean's Desk: Message from the new Dean
10 Mar Faculty Announcements
2 Mar New Appointment: Deputy Dean- Postgraduate Education
23 Jan Dean's Monthly Update
22 Jan Presentations by candidates for Deputy Dean posts: Undergraduate Education and Health Services
20 Jan Launch of the Professor Bongani Mayosi Legacy Project
15 Jan Network upgrades at Barnard Fuller


1st quarter  

Date Subject
11 Jan Dean's Desk:  Review of the Deanery
25 Jan Dean's Desk: Implio Update and Appeal
7 Feb SONA 2019 road closures and other updates
20 Mar Faculty Assembly

2nd quarter

Date Subject
1 Apr Flu Vaccine
3 Apr Dean's Desk: Renaming of Buildings
18 Apr Dean's Desk: FHS April Graduation 2019
18 Apr Dean's Desk: Internal approvals (C1 form) to go online from 23rd April throughout the Faculty of Health Sciences
24 Apr Dr Amaal Abrahams -  Excellence in Teaching Award
3 May Faculty meeting - New building projects
3 May SOP - Emergencies
6 May Professor Sebastian Van As - Alan Pifer Research Award
6 May Battle of the blood donors
10 May Dean's Desk: External Review Report
13 May UCT Driving Wellness Screening in the Workplace
13 May FHS Faculty Administration Office Review 14-16 May 2019
3 Jun Show your support for mental health on Friday, 7 June 2019
10 Jun HSSC Sensitisation booklet and Crazy Socks Campaign
13 Jun Dean's Update
27 Jun Smoking Policy

 3rd Quarter

Date Subject
22 July Dean's Desk:Tribute to Professor Bongani Mayosi
1 Aug Update on renaming of FHS buildings
8 Aug Women's Day
15 Aug DVC's Desk: UCT mental health support services
23 Aug UCT invests in women academics

4th Quarter

Date Subject
8 Sept Dean's Desk: Update from the Dean
10 Sept Add your signature - Response to sexual and GBV: A statement by men in the Faculty of Health Sciences UCT
12 Sept

Faculty Forum: Making NHI Feasible

18 Sept Add your signature - Condemn Xenophobia: A statement by the Faculty of Health Sciences UCT
25 Sept
1 Oct Deans Desk: Update from the Dean
2 Oct Update on security measures