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Faculty Announcements


1st quarter  

Date Subject
11 Jan Dean's Desk:  Review of the Deanery
25 Jan Dean's Desk: Implio Update and Appeal
7 Feb SONA 2019 road closures and other updates
20 Mar Faculty Assembly

2nd quarter

Date Subject
1 Apr Flu Vaccine
3 Apr Dean's Desk: Renaming of Buildings
18 Apr Dean's Desk: FHS April Graduation 2019
18 Apr Dean's Desk: Internal approvals (C1 form) to go online from 23rd April throughout the Faculty of Health Sciences
24 Apr Dr Amaal Abrahams -  Excellence in Teaching Award
3 May Faculty meeting - New building projects
3 May SOP - Emergencies
6 May Professor Sebastian Van As - Alan Pifer Research Award
6 May Battle of the blood donors
10 May Dean's Desk: External Review Report
13 May UCT Driving Wellness Screening in the Workplace
13 May FHS Faculty Administration Office Review 14-16 May 2019
3 Jun Show your support for mental health on Friday, 7 June 2019
10 Jun HSSC Sensitisation booklet and Crazy Socks Campaign
13 Jun Dean's Update
27 Jun Smoking Policy

 3rd Quarter

Date Subject
22 July Dean's Desk:Tribute to Professor Bongani Mayosi
1 Aug Update on renaming of FHS buildings
8 Aug Women's Day
15 Aug DVC's Desk: UCT mental health support services
23 Aug UCT invests in women academics

4th Quarter

Date Subject
8 Sept Dean's Desk: Update from the Dean
10 Sept Add your signature - Response to sexual and GBV: A statement by men in the Faculty of Health Sciences UCT
12 Sept

Faculty Forum: Making NHI Feasible

18 Sept Add your signature - Condemn Xenophobia: A statement by the Faculty of Health Sciences UCT
25 Sept
1 Oct Deans Desk: Update from the Dean
2 Oct Update on security measures