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Heritage Society at FHS

Heritage Society Overview

The Heritage Society was re-established in 2009, with former Vice-Chancellor Dr Stuart Saunders as its Patron, in order to acknowledge the commitment and support of donors who make deferred gifts to UCT through bequests. However, at the Heritage Society's annual luncheon held on 7 December 2010, Dr Saunders, who turned 80 during that year, handed over the baton to Emer Prof Francis Wilson.

The old Barnard Fuller Society, which was formed at the time of the 'Looking on into the Future' fundraising campaign in 1995, forms part of this Society.

Your membership of the Heritage Society will ensure that you are appropriately acknowledged and kept abreast of University activities via dedicated Heritage Society events during the year. Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous. However, allowing the University to say "thank you" through the Heritage Society's programmes will inspire others to consider a similar gift to UCT. In this way your membership of the Heritage Society will greatly benefit UCT. Simply inform us that you have included UCT in your will, even if you do not feel the need to discuss with us now how you would like your bequest to be directed.

To discuss these matters in the strictest confidence, please contact:

Linda Rhoda
Communications & Marketing
Faculty of Health Sciences
Private Bag X3
Observatory, 7935
Tel: +27 021 406 6686
Fax: +27 021 447 8955