Reunions held in 2014

Class of 1964

Class of 1964 - 50th Reunion | 28 - 30 November 2014


Ivan Berkowitz, Edward Coetzee, John Colley, James Crosier, Herschel Flax, Philip Garratt, Annette Goosen, Dennis Huddleston, Dawood Khan, Martin Kift, Horst Kirsten, Max Klein, Johan Koeslag, Judith Landau, Peter Levin, Michael Mair, John McConnell, Roger Melvill, Mary Milford, Wilfred Millin, Christopher Molteno, Warwick Morris, Barry Munnik, Michael O’Connor, Ian Osborn, Jonathan Peter, Teddy Pillay, Meyer Rabinowitz, Gerald Riemer, Jonathan Scher, Ronald Schneeweiss, Lewis Sparks, Peter Steven, Fay Thornley, Peter Turner, Jan van den Ende, Glennie van Hoogstraten, Gerda Veldman, David Walker, Ruth Wannenburg, Susan Wells, Dudley Werner, David Wheatley, Peter Wilson, Paul Wilson, Lionel Wolff.

Academic Meeting Programme

  • The Brain at Altitude – Roger Melvill
  • Rapid Recovery Knee Replacement Surgery – Dennis Huddleston
  • The ARISE Model: A Multigenerational Approach for Enhancing Family & Community Connectedness, Prevention, Healing, and Engagement when Confronted with the Long-term Consequences of Trauma – Judith Landau
  • Chinese Export Porcelain: It’s the Story that Matters – Paul Wilson
  • Am I Too Sweet for My Baby – Edward Coetzee
  • FLAGS – Max Klein
  • Craniofacial Surgery – Warwick Morris
  • Old Medical School and its Teachers – Ashley Robins (Class of 1963)

This was an enormous milestone for us, our class reunion 50 years after our graduation.  It was with a spirit of thankfulness for the past 50 years and what we had achieved that we gathered to enjoy the camaraderie.

We started with registration in the MAC Club and trying to recognise one another.  Fortunately most attendees had also attended the 40th reunion so in a very short time we could catch up on our bonds of friendship and catch up on all the old news.

We then went on a tour of some of the newer additions to the Health Science Faculty and marvelled at how teaching had changed with the new emphasis on computers and other electronic gadgetry.  We then went to visit the Heart of Cape Town Museum to see the tremendous changes and improvements which had been brought about by the Chris Barnard aficionado, Hennie Joubert.

The evening we had a cocktail party in the IDM building and Deputy Dean, Professor Tanya Douglas welcomed us back to the Faculty of Health Sciences.  Once again there was adequate time to talk and reminisce.

The following morning we gathered in the IDM building again for our academic programme and we were entertained royally. One could only marvel at what our classmates had achieved and the breadth of their interests and hobbies.

Photo Gallery

Class of 1964 - 50th Reunion

The highlight was our class dinner at Smuts Hall on Saturday evening.  Our special guests were Dr Hannah-Reeve Sanders (previous CEO at GSH) and Prof Lynn Gillis (our only surviving Head of Department) who gave us short inspirational messages.  Everyone was given an opportunity to give the class a message.

Finally we had a special surprise organised by Dennis Huddleston i.e. an embellished certificate for all present, thanking them for 50 years towards Humanitarian Service.

The following day the more lively of our class joined Fay Thornley for an informative walk on the slopes of Devils Peak and then we gathered at the Cottage Restaurant at Rhodes Memorial for a final session of sharing our dreams, past and future.

Although the University does not organise reunions after 50 years we all agreed that this 50th reunion had been so special that we should try and organise a get-together in 5 years’ time.

Sadly this is the last year that Joan Tuff from the Alumni Office will be organising reunions as she is retiring.  We thank her for her fantastic organisation for our 50th get-together. Future class reunions will sorely miss her expertise and knowledge.

Report by Edward Coetzee