Psychiatry & Mental Health | Staff Profile

Assoc. Prof John Joska

John Joska

Tel +27 21 404 2164

Head of Division of Neuropsychiatry
Director HIV Mental Health Research Unit

Research Areas 
neurocognitive disorders
Behavioural and Psychological Interventions for HIV and Substance Abuse
Mental Health Services
Mental Health of the Elderly


Current Research Projects

  1. Masivukeni: A Multimedia ART Adherence Intervention for Resource-Limited Settings
    The aim of this study is to refine a multi-media intervention designed to deliver information regarding HIV treatment readiness to patients initiating anti-retroviral treatment; and to compare its effectiveness against standard of care in a randomised controlled trial.
  2. A randomized controlled trial of lithium carbonate in individuals with HIV clade C-associated neurocognitive impairment: a phase IIb proof of principle study.
  3. A Mobile App for LMIC Lay Health Workers to Screen for Neurocognitive.
  4. Improving the Health of South African Women with Traumatic Stress in HIV Care. The purpose of this study is to qualitatively explore women living with HIV’s experience of sexual trauma, and to adapt an intervention to improve coping and linkage to care in this population. The study will further conduct a pilot study to establish the viability and feasibility of the adapted intervention. 

Selected Publications 
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