About us

The Division of Radiology is primarily clinically involved in diagnostic and interventional radiology service delivery at Groote Schuur and Red Cross Hospitals. Diverse multidisciplinary interests include medical, surgical, neuroradiology, ENT, thoracic, hepatobiliary, vascular, trauma, urological, abdominal and paediatric imaging. These all have service, academic and collaborative research commitments.

New Magnetic Resonance Imaging and multi-slice CT scanners are now fully operational and have led to further teaching and research activity. Two new digital subtraction angiographic units have been installed and the entire hospital has fully converted to a digital imaging environment that is soon to be updated.

A number of trials in conjunction with Radiation Oncology, Medicine, Surgery and other departments are ongoing. Joint development and evaluation of the clinical utility of digital X-ray machines with other UCT departments and private industry is progressing.

The division retains a core of dedicated and senior experienced members, with invaluable expertise provided through sessional appointments.

There is also professional interaction and collaboration with Radiology at GF Jooste, Somerset, Victoria and George Hospitals.

Members of the Division also participate in the UCT Private Academic Hospital.