Publication newsletters


In the 4th Quarter edition of Faculty News:

* Undergraduate Research Day
* ?Senior' Alumni have tea with the Dean
* Faculty rakes in top honours and awards
* First Paediatric Centre for Infectious Disease Centre opened

In the August 2013 edition of Faculty News:

* Lentegeur Spring project
* Challenging violence against women
* FIRST Public Health research day a success
* UCT students pioneer surgical societies

In the June 2013 edition of Faculty News:

* SFARS Awards announced
* Inaugural Award for Liver Physician
* Clinical training gets VIRTUAL
* FIRST Building Children's Nursing for Africa Conference a huge success

In the April 2013 edition of Faculty News:

* The best medicine keeps health sciences moving
* Faculty has 4 of the first PhD Scholars on the National Health Scholars Programme
* Centenary celebrations end on a high note in New York
* Academic accolades for Faculty staff and students