AEC Members


Prof Graham Louw
Div.of Clin. Anatomy & Bio Anthropology
Anatomy Building
Tel:021 406 6302



Dr A Gwanyanya
Division of Physiological Sciences
Human Biology
Tel: 021 4066400



A/Prof N Davies

Surgery: Cardiothoracic Division Cardiovascular Research

Chris Barnard Building

Tel:021 406 6613


Hugh Amoore (Registrar Emeritus)

Non-Affiliated Member

A/Prof A Bosch
Human Biology
Sports Science Institute
Tel: 021 650 4578


A/Prof S Dlamini
Infectious Disease & HIV Medicine

Mr SF Engelbrecht
Research Office
E53, Room 46
Tel: 021 650 5057


Judge IG Farlam

Non-Affiliated Member
Law Community

Dr J Nono Komguep
Immunology Division


A/Prof M Lesosky
Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Falmouth Building

A/Prof P Sinxadi
Clinical Pharmacology
Old Main Building


Sr. E Vercuiel / Sr. A Engelbrecht

Mrs I Wasserfall
Law Faculty


A/Prof E van der Merwe

Human Biology

Anatomy Building


Ms Olivia Wimberley

Student Representative

  Mr Tony Gerrans
UCT Animal Unit    

Dr B Mohr
Director: Animal Unit
Faculty Veterinarian


Dr J Chipangura
Faculty Veterinarian

Sr J McCallum

Faculty Animal Welfare Manager
RAF Co-Opt members Mr J Visser
Laboratory Animal Technologist
Mr R Lucas
Laboratory Animal Technologist

Sr J McCallum
Manager: Conventional Unit and Large Farm Animals 

Mr J Magagula
Manager: SPF Unit

Ex Officio: Dean's Office

Prof C Williamson
FHS Dean
  Prof A Wonkam
Deputy Dean, Research

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