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Faculty of Health Sciences Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers research scholarships and fellowships towards postgraduate and postdoctoral studies. Some opportunities are shown below; please contact research leaders in disciplines not shown here to enquire about other opportunities.

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Various Areas
Centre for Environmental and Occupational Health, in collaboration with the Division of Immunology and the Toxicology Section, National Institute for Occupational Health Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Health Innovation

Health Innovation - Various topics

Postdoctoral Fellowship & Master's Scholarship
UCT Clinical Research Centre
Identification of DNA sequence motifs underpinning shoulder pain and dysfunction after treatment for breast cancer MSc Scholarship

Host immune responses in the central nervous system: understanding neuron-T cell interactions

Host immune responses in the central nervous system: understanding dendritic-T cell interactions

Malaria-Tuberculosis co-infection: effects on host mediated immunity against tuberculosis

TNF-mediated immune function against M. tuberculosis: New frontiers

Humanised mice: Investigating human immune responses against tuberculosis during HIV-TB coinfection

Postdoctoral Research Fellow positions

Biomedical Engineering
Medical Imaging Postdoctoral Fellowship

3D reconstruction of bone using 2D X-ray and Statistical Shape Models

Postdoctoral Fellowship & MSc/PhD scholarship
Multiscale Modelling of Cell Therapies for Myocardial Infarction

Postdoctoral Fellowship

MSc/PhD Scholarships

Exercise Science & Sports Medicine‚Äč
Investigating the cause of capture myopathy in wildlife MSc Scholarship
Cancer Research Initiative
Medical Virology