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MRC/UCT Cape Heart Centre

This combined research entity is the largest heart research group in South Africa and forms part of the Cape Heart Group that links research between UCT and the other universities in the region.

The Hatter Institute is involved in the study of the molecular and cellular biology of ischaemic heart disease, as well as the molecular and cellular pathophysiology of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure.

The goals of the research programme are to contribute to the fundamental understanding of the mechanisms in the development of ischaemic heart disease, cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure.

The Cardiovascular Research Institute, to which is allied the Medtronics Institute, is studying biocompatible materials for vascular and valvular prostheses.

Lipidology is concerned with the research into lipid and lipoprotein disorders in patients in the region and novel treatment strategies for these disorders. Additionally, their research includes new diagnostic assays for local problems in healthcare and lipid peroxidation.

Director: Professor P Zilla