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Desmond Tutu HIV Centre

All the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre's activities are underpinned by research and evaluation.

It aims to impact policy and practice both nationally and internationally through relevant research, peer-reviewed publications, and feedback to government, civil society, and the community at large.

DTHC is driven by a passion for humanity and a vision of South Africa without AIDS. Over the years, it has become a source of advice for medical practitioners, support for people seeking testing or treatment, and leadership in preventative education.

With an experienced and dedicated team of over 165 doctors, nurses, researchers, and community-trained field workers, the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre offers a holistic approach to the HIV epidemic.

Director: Dr Robin Wood

The Desmond Tutu HIV Centre
Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine
UCT Faculty Of Health Sciences
Observatory 7925
South Africa
Tel: 021 650 6966/59/56
Fax: 021 650 6963
Email: info@hiv-research.org.za