Human Research Ethics Committee

Committee members 2020

Chair Department/Division
Prof Marc Blockman Division of Pharmacology, Dept of Medicine, K Floor, OMB, GSH
Deputy Chairs
Dr Alistair Hunter Division of Radiation Oncology, NGSH
Dr Theresa Burgess Division of Physiotherapy, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, OMB, GSH
General Members
Dr Lena Andersen Psychiatry & Mental Health, GSH
Assoc/Prof Dirk Blom Lipidology, Chris Barnard Building
Dr Michelle Carrihill Paediatrics, Ward G4/G5, NGSH
Assoc/Prof Sheila Clow Division Nursing & Midwifery, OMB, GSH
Assoc/Prof Karen Cohen Division of Pharmacology, Dept of Medicine, K Floor, OMB, GSH
Assoc/Prof Chris Colvin Department of Public Health & Family Medicine, Medical School
Prof Collet Dandara Human Genetics, IDM
Mr Andrew Fisher Legal Expert (External)
Dr Sharief Hendricks Sport Science Institute
Assoc/Prof Sebastiana Kalula Geriatric Medicine, OMB, GSH
Dr Zainab Mohamed Department of Radiation Oncology, L-Block, GSH
Prof Brenda Morrow Paediatrics, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital
Dr Shaheen Mowla Department of Haematology
Mr Lionel Naidoo Deputy Director, Allied Health, GSH
Dr Marcin Nejthardt Department of Anaesthesia, D23, NGSH
Dr Gregory Petro Obstetrics and Gynaecology, H45 OMB, GSH
Dr Leann Schoeman Obstetrics and Gynaecology, H45, OMB, GSH
Dr Willem Stassen Division of Emergency Medicine
Ms Nothemba Vusani Lay Member
Dr Claire Warden Colorectal Surgery, E22, NGSH
Prof Robin Wood Desmond Tutu Centre, IDM, Medical School
Mr Nesbert Zinyakatira Public Health Medicine