Health & safety


Follow your instinctsAs Health Sciences students you learn and work in hospitals, community health centres, clinics, schools, NGOs and the areas where communities of people reside.

You will inevitably be exposed to situations that could affect your safety and your health.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to partnering with you to safeguard your health and safety. Obviously your co-operation is essential.

Please follow the guidelines set out within these health & safety webpages and always use your discretion and common sense.

In the event that something does go wrong, the Faculty and the University will do as much as they are able within their means to provide you with such help and support as you might need.

A fair amount of the content on this website appeared originally in the form of a health and safety handbook for students entitled Keep Safe. The original version of the Keep Safe handbook was designed and drafted with valuable input from members of the Health Sciences Students Council: Mary Enslin, Kyla Wolmarans and James Laporta as well as from Professor Gary Maartens, Professor Marc Blockman, Dr Lerato Maiphetiho and Dr Steve Oliver.

The following colleagues made a range of suggestions and contributions to subsequent editions: Professor Marc Blockman, Sarah Crawford-Browne, Mrs Johannah Keikelame, Dr Des Michaels, James Irlam, Pauline Siame and Dr Rachel Weiss.

The Faculty's health and safety webpages were created by Carmen Louw and Frank Molteno.