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Student services

The first stop for any non-academic challenges or issues undergraduate/ postgraduate students may be facing is the Faculty's Student Development & Support Office (FHS SDSO) the third door located to the right in the long passage as you enter Wernher & Beit North Building).

They will be able to refer you to the appropriate structures who will be able to assist you. For general enquiries, please call reception  on 021 650 7189 or the generic office email address at fhs-sds@uct.ac.za.

Student Development Services

The Faculty’s Student Development & Support (SDS) office offers the following services:

· Referrals for matters related to counselling and general student wellness, including unintentional injuries on duty

· Referrals for matters related to Student Funding / fees matters

· Referrals for matters related to Student Housing and accommodation queries

· Non-academic student support matters

· Matters related to hepatitis B vaccination

· First year student’s orientation and mentorship programme matters

If you require any of these services, please email  fhs-sds@uct.ac.za

Mentoring of first years

To assist first years to settle in and to cope with new challenges, the faculty has implemented a system of mentoring of first year students. Each first year student will be assigned a mentor from his/her department.

To first year studen ts: Your mentor will help you to make sense of life at UCT. Expect your mentor to meet with you in the first few weeks of term and arrange how additional meetings will take place. Your department will inform you who you should approach with any questions about the mentoring programme. A mentor is not a tutor - academic assistance is handled in class or in tutorials by a lecturer or tutor. Your mentor is there for informal support, advice, information and referral. Whether struggling in class or with a personal issue, it is important to speak to someone. Do not leave any difficulties unattended - resolve them as soon as possible.

UCT Campus Store

UCT Campus Store is the one-stop shop supplying the university community with academic textbooks and stationery.

Disability Service

The UCT Disability Service works to remove any physical, policy, information and attitude barriers that might prevent students and staff from fulfilling their potential.

Student Wellness

The Student Wellness Service offers a comprehensive outpatient health service by both medical practitioners and nurses, who are dedicated to helping students to remain healthy, and to make the correct life choices while pursuing their academic goals. Career Development Programme (CDP).

Careers Service

The Careers Service aims to promote student awareness of the importance of cultivating career management skills as an integral part of their university learning experience.