A call for mutual respect and condemnation of victimisation and intimidation

31 Oct 2016 - 09:30

The period of protest action initiated by students about six weeks ago, provided us with the impetus to re-focus on many of the issues that confront students. 
As a faculty, we have committed to addressing these issues, and this work is currently underway.  As we enter into the last few weeks of this part of the 2016 academic year (with the 2016 academic year continuing in a mini-semester in early 2017 for many of our students), I call on all staff and students to work towards restoring  tolerance and a spirit of reconciliation in our faculty. In making this call, I wish to re-affirm our condemnation of all forms of intimidation and victimisation.

Classes and training have resumed in many of the programmes, and we look forward to the successful completion of those programmes this year.  We remind all staff and students that the right to learn is as important as the right to protest. In exercising one of these rights, we assert that we should not infringe on the constitutional rights of others.

We require that students who are currently in classes, those who are protesting and the lecturers who are involved with all, to do all in their power to respect each other and actively work towards a spirit of mutual respect and ubuntu in our Faculty.

Yours sincerely

Bongani Mayosi