Prolific Fagan wins gold

11 Aug 2017 - 09:15

Professor Johannes Fagan has won another award for his outstanding work in the field of otorhinolaryngology.

UCT’s Professor Johannes Fagan was one of six ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons recently awarded a gold medal by the International Federation of Otolaryngology Societies (IFOS) at its four-yearly IFOS World Congress, which was held in Paris in June 2017.

The award was in recognition of Fagan’s contributions to ENT internationally through his two open access textbooks, for advancing head and neck surgery in Africa by training head and neck surgeons through the University of Cape Town Karl Storz Head and Neck Fellowship, and by founding the African Head and Neck Society in 2016.

Fagan’s Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Operative Surgery has won acclaim around the world. It was named best Open Book in the International 2017 OER (Open Education Resources) and Project Awards for Open Education Excellence. Already, more than a million copies have been downloaded.