Prof. Karen Sliwa receives Honorary Doctoral degree from Paris Diderot University

21 Nov 2017 - 09:00

Prof. Karen Sliwa, director of the Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa was awarded an Honorary Doctoral degree by Paris Diderot, Sorbonne University on the 18 October 2017, in recognition of the extensive work that she has done in South Africa, Africa and the world at large predominantly in the fields of Clinical and Pathophysiological research in Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy and post-partum.

Paris Diderot University perpetuates the tradition by awarding five honorary doctorate degrees once every 4 years corresponding to their university’s main disciplines. An honorary doctorate award is the highest mark of recognition that a university can bestow upon an International Scientific researcher. Those awards are approved by the French foreign ministry. We are extremely proud of Prof. Sliwa’s achievement and the honour that she brings to the UCT Academic community and our university as a whole.

Paris Diderot Honoris Doctorates

On this occasion, Paris Diderot University paid tribute to Prof. Janet Dean Fodor, a linguist from City University of New York; Prof. Saul Perlmutter, an astrophysicist from The University of California, Berkley; Prof. Anders Hagfeldt, a chemist from École polytechnique de Lausanne;  Prof. Herbert Spohn, a mathematician from the Technical University of Munich and a Cardiologist, our very own, Prof Karen Sliwa.

Each of these key international research figures had developed strong ties over many years with Paris Diderot through the frequent exchanges, which are a part of a researcher’s everyday life and the circulation of knowledge and know-how.

Article courtesy of The Hatter Institute