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Grievances and Matters of Conflict

Faculty of Health Sciences Grievance Procedure for Postgraduates and Supervisors

In the FHS, postgraduate student and postdoctoral fellow grievances and matters of conflict can be raised at many levels.

  1. Grievances are in the first instance dealt with at individual supervisor/student level.
  2. If not resolved the matter should be referred to the departmental postgraduate support representative or the HoD.
  3. If not adequately resolved or the supervisor is the HoD, the student or staff member can raise the matter with the Chair of the Postgraduate Student and Postdoctoral Support Committee (PSPSC).
  4. A mediator in the PSPSC will be appointed to work with student and staff or department to try to resolve matters.  Students are invited and encouraged to bring a friend or colleague in support.  In addition, the committee itself has a student and postdoctoral representative as additional support.
  5. If still not resolved, the matter will be referred to the Deputy Dean (Postgraduate Affairs) or Dean. 
  6. Most commonly this results in the appointment of a formal grievance committee, that meets to investigate claims and tries to reach a suitable agreement.  The deputy dean or dean deals directly with staff and HODS to resolve or remediate.  
    If still unresolved, the matter should be referred to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor with the research portfolio.

The student/postdoctoral fellow/supervisor may if so desired raise grievances directly with the Deputy Dean or Dean

Commonly, the head of PG academic administration will be contacted as the first contact for a student grievance who then alerts either the PG LSC chair or the Deputy Dean.



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