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Transferable successes for transformation

  • Webinar 1: Transformation interventions in all their diversity within the faculty community.
  • Webinar 2: Interventions advancing transformation: The Department of Medicine experience

Renaming of Buildings

Renaming of buildings cover letter

Discussion points for renaming the buildings (Addendum 1)

What's in a name? - Howard Phillips Historical Walk 2016 (Addendum 2)

Renaming process (Addendum 3)


Special Faculty Assembly
Recent developments, both at UCT and nationally at other tertiary institutions, namely the #Rhodesmustfall and #Feesmustfall campaigns speak to our failure to transform, twenty one years after democracy. These campaigns have highlighted for us that the Faculty itself has been slow in implementing transformation, as articulated in the Faculty Charter, adopted on 9 May 2002 at the first Faculty Assembly. Read more on TransformHSF and FeesMustFall.


Establishing the Transformation Advisory Committee
Following recent Faculty Assemblies and ongoing engagement with staff and students in 2015, there has been renewed commitment to accelerating transformation. The appointment of the Dean’s Transformation Advisory Committee (DTAC) will spearhead faculty-wide conversations on Transformation. Tasked with promoting dialogue on this amongst all constituencies in the Faculty, the committee was established on the 6th of May following the Special Faculty Assembly held on the 15th of April 2015. Comprising staff & students, DTAC is chaired by Assoc. Prof Elelwani Ramugondo.


Intersections for Healing Work
A workshop, under the theme ‘Intersections for Healing Work’, kick-started these conversations on Transformation in the Faculty. One of the main objectives of the discussions was to lead to a possible review of the definition of Transformation in the Faculty. The workshop touched on sub-themes identified as critical areas for engaging on transformation in the Faculty. Workshops on these sub-thematic areas will be held throughout 2016. Read more