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3rd Annual Clinical Trials Forum
24 Apr - 26 Apr

Run for Rural 2014
01 May

EDU Health Education Research Day
03 Jun

SAAHE Conference 2014
26 Jun - 28 Jun

3rd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research
30 Sep - 03 Oct

Dept of Paediatrics & Child Health - Annual Research Days
28 Oct - 29 Oct

IDM 10 year Anniversary Symposium
02 Nov - 04 Nov


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

'Brazilian keratin type’ hair-straightening products pose serious health risks

Dangerous concentrations of formaldehyde found in seven brands sold in SAResearchers at the University of Cape Town have found that most commercial “Brazilian keratin type’’ hair-straightening products, tested in a study, contain unacceptably high and dangerous concentrations of formaldehyde. Read more ...

Neglected pandemic kills 5.8 million a year

Lee WallisWorldwide, HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria kill about 4.2 million people a year. Injury kills 5.8 million. Little wonder professor of emergency medicine Lee Wallis calls it the neglected pandemic. Read more ...

Universal healthcare is achievable

universal healthcareCapitalist or communist, states should provide universal healthcare to their citizens, argues Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi. Here's what South Africa needs to achieve it. Read more ...

Who cares for the healthcare workers?

Panel Discussion Public HealthWhile healthcare providers are indispensable for the delivery of healthcare, there is growing recognition that their own wellbeing and social needs are often overlooked. At a seminar hosted by UCT's School of Public Health and Family Medicine, healthcare workers spoke about some of the challenges they face as people within the medical profession. Read more ...

UCT wins lion’s share of coveted NIH funding

UCT wins lion’s share of coveted NIH fundingThe University of Cape Town attracted more funding for direct grants from the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA than any other non-American university in 2013. Even as the NIH’s funding of foreign institutions has declined, UCT has attracted increasing amounts of funding every year – growing more than threefold in the last three years alone, from $2,622,671 in 2010 to $9,150,889 in 2013. Read more ...

TB still outfoxing the human race after millennia

Prof Keertan DhedaOne of the leading causes of death in Africa, tuberculosis, or TB as it is commonly known, has received a great deal of media interest recently, charting the development of new treatments, and highlighting new methods of diagnosis. Read more ...

Lund scoops Alan Pifer Award for 2014

Alan Pifer AwardFor the third time in nine years, UCT's prestigious Alan Pifer Award has been conferred on a researcher from the university's Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health. The award is given annually by the Vice-Chancellor in recognition of outstanding socially responsive research. Read more ...