Human Research Ethics Committee

Forms & Instructions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are accepting documentation in the following way: 

Please send all forms and queries you may have to

  • Email subject lines for forms must be clearly titled as follows, HREC REF [insert reference number] – [type of form] and PI name 
  • Email queries must be clearly titled as follows: query and reference number where applicable 

Please send New Applications to

  • Email subject lines must be clearly titled as follows:
    • New protocol application – Full Committee review and PI name OR 
    • New protocol application – Expedited review and PI name 


New Protocol Applications

  • New protocol application and submission instructions for researchers FHS013hlp - 18.05.2021

  • New protocol application form  FHS013 - New application form 15.07.2021

  • Checklist for new protocol applications

  • Applicants for databases, registries or repositories should only fill out form (FHS020) 31.03.2020

  • New Undergraduate student research protocol application form FHS021)_18.05.2021

  • Checklist for new undergraduate protocol applications

  • Preparing a Synopsis: Section B - Pointers for Researchers (FHS014)

  • Preparing the Research Protocol Section C - Pointers for Researchers (FHS015hlp) 21.02.2019

  • Research Protocol Section C (FHS015) 12.03.2018

  • Eligibility for Expedited Review of US Federally-funded Research - Pointers for Researchers[Download]

  • New Protocol Applications - Pointers for Reviewers [Download]

  • Research Requirements to conduct research at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital[Download]

  • Application form to conduct research at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital[Download]

Requirements for research in minors <18 years of age (Form A)


Accessing Staff or Students for research purposes

  • Research Access to students (DSA 100)

  • Access to UCT Staff for Research Purposes (HR194 & HR190)

Active Protocols

Continuing Review (Annual Progress Reports)

  • Annual progress report - Pointers for researchers (FHS016hlp)

  • Annual Progress Report (FHS016) 29.06.2021

  • Annual progress Report (FHS017) 25.03.2020 for Record Reviews/Audits/Collection of Biological Specimens/Repositories/Databases/Registries

Health-Safety- Support  Student Handbook